IGB needs your help - please write us a letter of support

Funding for IGB expires June, 2021. To continue the project, we’re submitting a grant to the US National Institutes of Health requesting another five years of funding. If successful, we'll be able to continue improving IGB, answering your requests for help and support, and adding new datasets and genomes to IGB.

If you would like to continue using IGB, please help us make a convincing case for continued funding by writing a letter of support for the project.

Resources for supporting software are limited, and renewal of our funding is by no means guaranteed. This means your letter is essential. A small investment of your time could make the difference between continuing or canceling the IGB project.

Please email your letter to Ann Loraine at aloraine@uncc.edu.

Suggestions on how to write your support letter

Please include lots of detail about how - and why - you or your research group uses IGB.

Potential topics

In case this is useful, here is a brief starter letter.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact IGB project leads Ann Loraine (aloraine@uncc.edu) and/or Nowlan Freese (nfreese@uncc.edu)